About Steampunk Spectacular NM (SSNM)

Steampunk Spectacular is an annual event held at the picturesque Mine Shaft in Madrid, NM. It is a gathering of steampunk enthusiasts and those who love them.

What makes this event so special is the Mine Shaft, the steam engine and the various pieces of mining equipment lying about that provides the perfect setting to create a day in the life of steampunk.  It’s an old mine, it’s dirty and gritty, be prepared.

First held in 2012, SSNM started out as a group of people who were interested in cosplay and the steampunk genre that got together at the Mine Shaft for a day of play and an evening of entertainment.  Last year was bigger and brought twice the attendees with the majority dressed up. Costumes aren’t required, but they are fun to make. Watch our costumes here.

2017 promises a full day of steampunk adventuring, including a LARP Murder Mystery, Parasol Dueling, live entertainment, workshops and more. Check out the Schedule of Events for details. This year we’re taking over the entire Mine Shaft museum area including the outdoor stage.  Bring your camera, there’s lots of photo opportunities.

See last years Gallery.

My, how we’ve grown!

SSNM Group Photo 2013 – Photo by Enchantment Studio

SSNM Group Photo 2012 – Photo by Jason Devereaux

Steampunk Spectacular is a Labor of Love  Entertainment Production.

What to expect at SSNM